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Monday, March 24, 2014

Toronto Laws governing Archery within City Limits

There are a number of different laws governing the use of archery equipment within the Toronto city limits.


608-4. Firearms and offensive weapons [Updated January 23, 2014]

A. While in a park, no person shall be in possession of or use a firearm, air gun, cross bow, bow
and arrow, axe, paint guns or offensive weapon of any kind unless authorized by permit.

B. Despite Subsection A, bows and arrows may be used in designated areas in accordance with
posted conditions. [eg. The Toronto Public Archery Range is a designated area.]

Plus there is also the potential for a person to be charged with say:

The Toronto Firearms Discharge By-Law - which prohibits discharging a weapon (including bows and crossbows) in any public location where other people might be injured, with the exception of designated archery ranges.

Reckless Endangerment - which ranges from a $400 fine plus possible jail time.

Mischief / Damage to Property - Fines of up to $2,000 plus possible jail time.

Mischief / Endangering Life - Possible life imprisonment even if nobody dies or is injured.

Animal Cruelty - In the event someone shoots an animal (non hunting), this would also be a charge that could be leveled.

Hunting in a Prohibited Area - No hunting within city limits. All hunting within Toronto is prohibited.

If you have questions about bows, crossbows and firearms you can contact the Chief Firearms Officer of Ontario (via the OPP).

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