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Monday, August 19, 2013

Exploding Arrows

Right, an example of an exploding arrowhead from one of the Rambo movies.

Below are several different videos about exploding arrows.

Honestly, based on the videos, most homemade exploding arrows do diddly squat for damage. The guy who claims his arrows could be sold to people looking to shoot elephants is off his rocker if he thinks his tiny little explosion is going to do anything more than annoy and scare the elephant.

If anything what you want is some kind of professional military grade exploding arrow - like in the one Rambo movie. Or the over-the-top "blue explosive" arrows that Hawkeye has in The Avengers film.

Explosive arrows are largely fantasy. You'd need some really high tech explosives in order to do serious damage to a target.

Archery Tag???

I think I have finally found a way to get practice shooting at moving targets.

Archery tag!!!

Google Satellite Photo of E T Seton Archery Range

Google Satellite Photo of E T Seton Archery Range

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pape Subway Closure

If you take the TTC to get to the archery range and go via the 25 bus at Pape Station please be advised Pape Station will be closed for upgrades from August 19th to August 31st 2013.

During that time the 25 bus will be running from Donlands Station instead.

Happy shooting!

How to make a Bow Sock

DIY - Want a sock for carrying your longbow or shortbow in? Want something more than standard black, something more decorative?

Take one decorative scarf that you like. Make sure it is the right length for your bow. Width should be roughly 1 foot.

Fold the scarf in half length ways, sew one end and sides together. Voila you have a bow sock for carrying around your longbow, shortbow or even recurve bow.

Optional - Add laces or ribbons to your bow sock at the top end so you can tie it firmly shut.

Show off your creation the next time you go to the archery range.

You could also make your bow sock by knitting or even leatherworking, but this is the fastest way.

In the photo below someone made it using an Harry Potter scarf.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Old Wooden Shortbow from a Nick Nack Seller on the Street

I purchased the wooden shortbow above for $10 from a nick nack vendor on the street. He was selling old books, nick nacks, a lot of it mostly junk. Usually I only glance at such displays while walking by.

But on Sunday something sparked me to take a closer look this time. And a moment later I was rewarded when I saw a long piece of wood resembling an old wooden shortbow. (Measures 45 inches while strung.)

Picking it up I inspected it. It had a crack near one end and the handle had a crack there too. There was a sticker on the bow saying 20, which I presumed was the price.

The vendor was in conversation with another man and when I approached he switched conversation over to my new find.

And it was bizarre because I was wearing an archery shirt that day too, so he immediately recognized that I must know what I am talking about.

I pointed out the two cracks in the bow and he immediately offered to sell it to me for $10.

Best purchase I've made in awhile!

I took it home, cleaned it up, repaired the cracks with superglue, made a bowstring using twine that I braided together from the two opposite ends (so the middle of the bowstring is more slack / straight), strung it easily...

And then I picked an arrow I felt was suitable and used cardboard box filled with cardboard garbage as a target.

Pow! Right where I was aiming. And I was aiming from the chest, not even doing a full draw as I worried I might break it. I measured the draw distance I am using for it and it is a mere 18 inches.

Now I admit, I was only 3 yards away but it was impressive for an old wooden bow that I had purchased for $10.

I think the bow was originally meant for a kid - like maybe 8 or 9 years old, but the poundage on it even at partial draw feels like roughly 12 lbs.

Which means - drum roll + fanfare - I now have a wooden bow I can shoot indoors in the confines of my apartment and while it isn't a challenge at all (super easy to pull) it gets surprisingly good accuracy for an old bow I got for $10.

*very happy I got it*

Monday, August 12, 2013

Archery Speed Shooting

Different techniques can be used for speed shooting. Observe and learn how to shoot arrows quickly and accurately.


The guy below actually sucks at even hitting the target, let alone shooting quickly.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Catching Fire Trailer

The new trailers for the 2nd installment of The Hunger Games are out. Are you ready for Catching Fire?

Release date is November 22 2013.

Military Applications of Archery

Some modern military groups still use archery today for a variety of purposes. Historical examples include British commandos during WWII, Portuguese special forces, and so forth.

However I should note that the most military uses employ crossbows instead of bows as they are more effective for getting greater range and accuracy. But they are louder, which is why traditional archery is still a valid option.

Loading a bow with explosives (a la the various Rambo movies or the 3rd installment of The Hunger Games Trilogy) is the logical use of bows in the military.

But the another logical use is to have quieter kills.

Because even a gun with a silencer still makes a recognizable sound.

Whereas a bow with dampeners / silencers on the bowstring makes more of a soft thud sound.

Which means for commandos that the bow does make an excellent choice if you want to take an enemy down quietly - assuming they don't scream in pain after being shot and you've killed them almost instantly.

Another alternative use for archery is for delivery of chemical or biological agents - such as nerve gas.

And evidently we could also see science add to the abilities that such weapons can do - like making heat seeking arrows that are rocket-propelled.

Or a device that checks the range automatically for you, checks wind conditions and then tells you exactly where to aim - so that basically anyone could do it with minimal skill required.

In which case maybe in the future we will see a return to archery being used for military purposes... In ways we can only dream of.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Hybrid Compound Recurve Bow from the 1980s

Someone had this at the archery range this past week. I asked to snap a photo.

It is an Hybrid Compound Recurve Bow from the 1980s.