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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Best Bowhunting Gear 2010

Best Value Compound Bows

Pantera from Martin Archery

While continuing Martin Archery’s tradition of value, the Pantera is loaded with proprietary features, such as the pivoting ROTO Cup limb system, Thermal V grip, Shock Terminator Suppressor and Cable Containment System. As well, a sleek new riser helps keep the bow light and easy to balance. With a 7¼-inch brace height, and measuring 32¼ inches between axles, the Pantera weighs just 3½ pounds and sports an 80 per cent let off.

Available in draw weights of 60 or 70 pounds, with draw lengths of 26 to 31 inches, this compound has an IBO rating of 320 fps.

Carbon Matrix from Precision Shooting Equipment

New to PSE’s X-Force line, the AXE 7 has an Inner Cam system that provides a smoother draw and an incredible six inches of draw-length adjustment, without compromising speed.

With a forgiving seven-inch brace height and an IBO rating of 335 fps, this bow also features America’s Best Bowstrings, Vibracheck Backstop, B.E.S.T. grip and preloaded past-parallel limbs. Weighing just four pounds, it measures 32½ inches axle to axle and has a 75 per cent let off.

Destroyer 350 from BowTech

Quiet, accurate, forgiving and easy to draw, the Destroyer 350 features an adjustable, geared OverDrive Binary cam system that all but eliminates slippage and timing problems. As well, the new FLX-Guard cable containment system flexes inward as the bow is drawn to prevent unwanted torque on the riser.

Measuring 323/8 inches between axles, the 4.1-pound bow has a six-inch brace height, draw lengths of 25 to 30 inches and 80 per cent let off. And with draw weights of 50 to 70 pounds, it has an IBO rating of 350 fps.

Best Mechanical Arrowheads

T3 Broadhead from G5 Outdoors

This three-blade expandable broadhead features the unique Spider Clip system for blade retention, allowing shooters to tune their blades without the need for rubber bands and O-rings. The 100-grain head has a 1½-inch cutting diameter and deploys easily, even with lower-poundage bows.

Constructed of stainless steel for maximum strength, the T3 has a field-tip profile when closed. It’s ideal for high-speed bows or crossbows, and for providing pass-through shots.
Best release aid

RIPshot from RIP Archery Corporation

This new device is designed to rest your trigger hand, giving you the stability to consistently shoot smaller groups. The RIPshot attaches to your elbow, and allows you to fasten your trigger release to perfect draw length. Drawing your bow from the elbow also takes advantage of your larger back muscles, giving you the stability to stay at full draw longer.

The RIPshot is ideal for small-framed shooters who have trouble drawing enough weight for hunting situations.

Best Arrowrest

Opposition Rest from Schaffer Performance Archery

Providing total arrow containment and clearance, the Opposition Rest holds the arrow in place between the pylons until you draw, at which point the arrow is automatically raised and rested in the firing position.

The rest can also be locked in the up position and used as a normal rest for treestand hunting or stalking. It comes with a universal mount, as well as custom-fit mounts for Mathews, Hoyt and PSE bows.

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