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Monday, September 9, 2013

Archery Coaches in Toronto

If you are looking for an archery coach in Toronto you have several options.

#1. Charles from

As a personal trainer and an archery coach Charles is a great person to go to if you are a beginner who is just learning archery for the first time. He provides all the equipment, is patient, good at teaching both adults and teaches kids 10 years old and older. He has been teaching archery since 2010. So if you are new to archery and looking for archery lessons in Toronto he is the person to go to.

#2. Joan McDonald

A former Olympian Joan teaches Olympic archery. She does not provide equipment however, so you will need to invest $1,000 to $2,000 on Olympic equipment and furthermore Olympic archery coaches are not cheap. Expect to spend $20,000 per year on an Olympic coach.

#3. Japanese Kyudo

If you visit you will find a list of Toronto places that gives archery lessons. The JCCC (Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre) is one of them. However if you are serious about learning Kyudo you have to realize it is a seriously ritualized practice - similar to Japanese tea ceremony. Your goal here is not to actually hit the target. The form of Kyudo taught at the JCCC is very ritualistic, ceremonial and designed to be a form of meditation.

The other form of Kyudo, Kenzodo (the style taught by the great zen archer Awa Kenzo), is not taught in Canada and is only taught in Japan.

So if you are really serious about learning Kenzodo then you need to go to Japan and study under one of the people who are passing down the techniques taught by Awa Kenzo.

Outside of Toronto there is also various archery clubs in the Durham Region, an archery school in Etobicoke, and a few other small places way out in the boonies. So if you are looking for archery lessons you are best going to one of the options above.

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