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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Archery, Part of Toronto's History

Archery has long been a part of Toronto's history.

You can see it in historical photographs of people doing archery at the Grange Park in 1867.

You can even see archery in the sculptures around the city.

Like the relief sculpture below at Ryerson University.

Or Henry Moore's 1966 sculpture "The Archer" located outside Toronto City Hall.

Large crowds came out in 1966 just to see Henry Moore's sculpture "The Archer".

Basically what it comes down is that archery has been part of Toronto's culture for a very long time - and it shows in our artwork and historical photographs.

I am on the hunt to find more examples of Toronto archery in artwork and historical photographs. So if you know of any please leave a comment as to where to find them.

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