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Friday, May 4, 2018

New Robin Hood movie trailer, 2018

Below is the new Robin Hood movie trailer... and if you are like us and despise the horrid Russell Crowe film, then you know that is past time someone came out with a good Robin Hood movie.

We haven't seen a decent Robin Hood film since 1991 when not one, but two films came out. One starring Kevin Costner and the other starring Patrick Bergin.

The Kevin Costner film has 87% Likeability on Google.
The Patrick Bergin film has 71% Likeability.

Will this new film be good? Maybe. Maybe not... the actor is using 4 fingers to draw that bowstring. Arg!

1 comment:

  1. Watch Robin Hood free online on zmovies now. Film was going well. Not amazing on action or plot, but kept me interested until half time.

    A different view on Robin Hood, who borrows his name and title from a knight... a bit on the rough side, roguish looking, but with good intentions.

    Then the last part of the movie comes, with kids hiding in the woods, one of the most ridiculous battle scenes ever on a beach, a woman fighting trained soldiers only to disappear in the waves and worst of all.... kids all around fighting war veterans in a very fast, ridiculous, senseless "slaughter".

    This is an insult to any kind of warfare held in the past, any kind of sense and intelligent thinking of humankind regarding medieval war & how to crucify every sentence in the "Art of War".
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