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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Winter Archery in Toronto

If you're one of those people who look at the weekly forecasts on the regular basis you may have noticed that in Toronto it is actually relatively warm during November and December.

Not so much in January or February, but let's focus on the good stuff here.

What that means is that you can do archery during November, December and March and it isn't really even that cold outside in Toronto during those months.

Frequently there won't even be snow on the ground, like there is none right now, because it has a tendency to just melt during November, December and March.

So you dress warm, you go do archery, you bring some coffee or hot chocolate, shoot, have fun, and go home when you're hungry (as opposed to going home when you're cold).

But let's pretend you do want to do archery in January or February, what should you do? Well, here's a few tips:

#1. Buy Snow Pants. Seriously, you will never regret having snow pants when it is really cold outside.

#2. Get a nice stainless steel Thermos that is vacuum sealed so it keeps your drinks very hot.

#3. Wear lots of warm layers, especially around your core (chest, abdomen, etc). If you keep your core warm then your body will circulate more warm blood to your extremities.

#4. Wear two pairs of socks.

#5. Go to the bathroom BEFORE you leave.

#6. Buy Winter Archery Gloves (possibly from Gary at Basically Bows Archery)

#7. Bring hot food with you OR eat before you leave.

#8. Long Underwear. Like the snow pants, it is seriously worth it.

#9. Travel light. Bring the least amount of your archery equipment as you can, so you're not exhausting yourself with unnecessary gear.

#10. Take breaks to just relax.

#11. Bring a blanket for your breaks.

#12. Bring pocket warmers, either the electric ones that charge using USB, or the chemical ones.

#13. Invite a friend and send them this list so you have someone to talk to. Do not invite anyone who ignores this list because they'll wuss out when it gets too cold for them. Also, do not ignore this list yourself either.

#14. Pray to Ullr, the Norse god of skiing and archery. Just because he's awesome.

#15. Have fun shooting!

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