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Friday, August 16, 2013

How to make a Bow Sock

DIY - Want a sock for carrying your longbow or shortbow in? Want something more than standard black, something more decorative?

Take one decorative scarf that you like. Make sure it is the right length for your bow. Width should be roughly 1 foot.

Fold the scarf in half length ways, sew one end and sides together. Voila you have a bow sock for carrying around your longbow, shortbow or even recurve bow.

Optional - Add laces or ribbons to your bow sock at the top end so you can tie it firmly shut.

Show off your creation the next time you go to the archery range.

You could also make your bow sock by knitting or even leatherworking, but this is the fastest way.

In the photo below someone made it using an Harry Potter scarf.

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