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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Old Wooden Shortbow from a Nick Nack Seller on the Street

I purchased the wooden shortbow above for $10 from a nick nack vendor on the street. He was selling old books, nick nacks, a lot of it mostly junk. Usually I only glance at such displays while walking by.

But on Sunday something sparked me to take a closer look this time. And a moment later I was rewarded when I saw a long piece of wood resembling an old wooden shortbow. (Measures 45 inches while strung.)

Picking it up I inspected it. It had a crack near one end and the handle had a crack there too. There was a sticker on the bow saying 20, which I presumed was the price.

The vendor was in conversation with another man and when I approached he switched conversation over to my new find.

And it was bizarre because I was wearing an archery shirt that day too, so he immediately recognized that I must know what I am talking about.

I pointed out the two cracks in the bow and he immediately offered to sell it to me for $10.

Best purchase I've made in awhile!

I took it home, cleaned it up, repaired the cracks with superglue, made a bowstring using twine that I braided together from the two opposite ends (so the middle of the bowstring is more slack / straight), strung it easily...

And then I picked an arrow I felt was suitable and used cardboard box filled with cardboard garbage as a target.

Pow! Right where I was aiming. And I was aiming from the chest, not even doing a full draw as I worried I might break it. I measured the draw distance I am using for it and it is a mere 18 inches.

Now I admit, I was only 3 yards away but it was impressive for an old wooden bow that I had purchased for $10.

I think the bow was originally meant for a kid - like maybe 8 or 9 years old, but the poundage on it even at partial draw feels like roughly 12 lbs.

Which means - drum roll + fanfare - I now have a wooden bow I can shoot indoors in the confines of my apartment and while it isn't a challenge at all (super easy to pull) it gets surprisingly good accuracy for an old bow I got for $10.

*very happy I got it*

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