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Friday, March 31, 2017

Battle Sports expands to Montreal, opens Sports de Combat

When Battle Sports first appeared in Toronto back in 2015 they set out to become the best location in Toronto to do Archery Tag (or Dodge Archery, Battle Archery, Combat Archery, whatever you want to call it).

At the time there was quite a few competitors also appearing, saturating the Toronto market with archery tag / battle archery locations.

However by offering the best deals, the best archery equipment and the best value for dollar, Battle Sports quickly beat out its competitors.

So it should come as no surprise that they are now expanding to Montreal and have opened a new location called Sports de Combat.

Sports de Combat
5335 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal
(SW of Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park / Parc Sir Wilfrid Laurier)

Sports de Combat Offers the following...

Montreal's Largest Indoor Archery Range - $15 / hour if you have your own archery equipment. (If you don't have your own equipment, you can rent it for $10 per hour.)

Montreal Archery Lessons - $40 for a 90 minute group lesson.

Montreal Combat Archery - 30 minute beginner practice + 60 minutes of Battle Archery.

And for Francophones, archery lessons / combat archery are also available in French.

Honestly, we are impressed they managed to create the largest indoor archery range. That alone is a feat.

There are also rumours (unsubstantiated, but whatever - the key word is rumours) that Battle Sports is planning to open a 2nd location in Scarborough, expanding their operations in the GTA. Given their previous track record for business savvy, we would not be surprised if this happened.


"Archery Tag" was invented in the United States by John Jackson in the summer of 2011.

Each player wears a mask protecting his face. Bows and arrows with foam tips specially designed for bow-fighting sport are used. In the generic game, there are two 5-point targets.

The sport is played both indoors or outdoors. The game area is decorated with different inflatable elements allowing players to hide themselves.

Archery Tag is a sporting activity similar to paintball, except with players being equipped with bow and arrow (with the foam end) instead of paintball guns.

Two teams compete to be the first to touch all the centers of the target of 5 spots of the opponent. While trying to hit other players with the arrows, the game ends in three different ways: all the members of an opposing team have been hit, the 5 spots of the target of one of the teams have been eliminated or the time allotted to one round has elapsed.

L'archery tag a été inventé aux États-Unis par John Jackson à l'été 2011.

Chaque joueur porte un masque protégeant son visage. Des arcs et des flèches avec des embouts en mousse spécialement conçus pour le sport de combat d'arc sont utilisés. Il y a deux cibles à 5 points.

Le sport se pratique en salle ou à l’extérieur. La zone de jeu est agrémentée de différents éléments gonflables permettant aux joueurs de se camoufler.

L'Archery tag est une activité sportive similaire au paintball, les joueurs étant équipés d'arc et de flèches (avec l’extrémité en mousse).

Deux équipes s'affrontent pour être la première à toucher tous les centres de la cible de 5 spots de l'adversaire. Tout en essayant de toucher d'autres joueurs avec les flèches, le jeu se termine de trois façons différentes : tous les membres d'une équipe adverse ont été touchés, les 5 spots de la cible de l’une des équipes ont été éliminés ou le temps imparti s'est écoulé.

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