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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Religious Archery Superstitions

Some archery superstitions have their roots in religious beliefs and rituals. These superstitions often vary depending on the archer's religious background and cultural practices. 

Here are some examples of archery superstitions that have religious connections:

  1. "Blessing the bow and arrow": Before using a bow and arrow, some archers from various religious backgrounds may perform a ritual or seek a blessing from a religious figure to ensure success and safety in their endeavors.

  2. "Prayer or meditation": Archers who practice certain religions may say prayers or engage in meditation before shooting to seek divine guidance, focus their minds, and bring positive energy to their shots.

  3. "Offerings to deities or spirits": In some cultures, archers may make offerings to deities or spirits associated with hunting or archery, asking for their favor and protection during competitions or hunts.

  4. "Using sacred symbols": Archers from specific religious backgrounds might incorporate sacred symbols into their archery equipment, such as engraving religious icons on bows or arrows, believing it will bring divine blessings.

  5. "Religious fasting or rituals": Some archers may observe religious fasting or perform specific rituals on the days leading up to important competitions or events, hoping to gain favor from the divine.

  6. "Honoring hunting deities": In certain cultures with hunting traditions, archers may participate in ceremonies or rituals to honor hunting deities or spirits, seeking their assistance in successful hunts.

  7. "Aligning with cosmic forces": Some archers may believe in aligning their shooting practices with astrological or cosmic forces, such as choosing auspicious dates based on religious calendars.

  8. "Karma and ethical hunting": For archers following certain religions that emphasize karma or ethical hunting practices, there may be superstitions related to doing good deeds or performing specific rituals to ensure that the hunt is conducted responsibly and respectfully.

It's important to note that these religious-based archery superstitions can vary widely across different cultures and belief systems. Additionally, not all archers from a particular religious background may adhere to these superstitions, as personal beliefs and practices often play a significant role in whether or not an individual follows these rituals.


In Islamic tradition, there is a recommended supplication (a dua) that Muslims are encouraged to recite before undertaking various activities, including hunting, to seek blessings and guidance from Allah. This supplication is known as the "Basmala" or "Bismillah" and begins with the phrase "Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim," which translates to "In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful."

When it comes to bowhunting or any other hunting activity, some Muslim archers may recite the Basmala before taking a shot as a way to seek Allah's blessings and guidance, and to ensure that their actions are in accordance with their faith. 

Some Muslim bowhunters use different phrases, such as "Glory to God", which is commonly expressed in Arabic as "سبحان الله" (pronounced as "Subhan Allah"). Or they might also say "God is Great", which is expressed in Arabic as "الله أكبر" (pronounced as "Allahu Akbar").

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