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Friday, May 5, 2023

Archery Superstitions

Archery, like many other activities, has its fair share of superstitions. These superstitions often vary from one archer to another, and some are based on cultural beliefs. Here are some common superstitions that archers may have:

  1. "No turning back": Some archers believe that once they have set their arrow on the bowstring, they should not remove it without firing. Removing the arrow without shooting is considered bad luck.

  2. "Lucky equipment": Archers may have specific pieces of equipment they consider lucky. It could be a particular bow, a favorite quiver, or even lucky arrows that they feel bring them good fortune during competitions.

  3. "Knocking on wood": Before a competition or a crucial shot, archers might tap or knock on their bows or arrows, believing it will bring them luck and ensure a good shot.

  4. "Right foot first": Similar to some other sports and activities, there's a superstition that stepping onto the archery range with the right foot first will bring good luck.

  5. "Saying a prayer or mantra": Before shooting, some archers may say a quick prayer or repeat a personal mantra to focus their minds and bring positive energy to their shots.

  6. "Avoiding certain colors or symbols": Archers may avoid using certain colors or symbols on their equipment or clothing if they believe they are associated with bad luck.

  7. "Avoiding certain words": Some archers may avoid using negative words or phrases like "miss" or "bad shot" as they believe it can jinx their performance.

  8. "Moon phases and days": Superstitious archers may choose specific days or moon phases for important competitions or shooting sessions, believing that they can influence their luck and success.

  9. "Eating certain foods": Some archers might have a specific pre-competition meal they believe brings them luck or enhances their performance.

  10. "Talisman or lucky charm": Archers may carry a lucky charm or talisman with them during competitions to bring good luck and ward off bad luck.

It's essential to remember that superstitions are often rooted in personal beliefs and rituals, and not all archers adhere to them. While some find comfort and confidence in these practices, others rely solely on their skills and training.

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