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Monday, June 5, 2023

How much does it cost to rent The E. T. Seton Archery Range for a private event?


Question: How much does it cost to rent The E. T. Seton Archery Range for a large private event?


So... Here's the thing...

Renting the entire archery range located at E. T. Seton Park (otherwise known as the Toronto Archery Range) is prohibitively expensive.

Here's what a person or organization would need:

Archery Equipment for all of the users taking part during the event. If the people taking part in the event don't already have their own equipment then they would need to purchase the equipment, which will cost about $400 per person to get all the bows, arrows, shooting gloves, etc. Alternatively, the organizers could rent equipment or find someone willing to loan equipment, but they would still want a rental fee and a deposit in case of breakage or theft.

To book your event you need to contact Toronto City Hall if you want to do any large scale event that would make private use of the archery range. The cost of renting the entire archery range is $3,500 per day.
When booking you need to provide proof that you have liability insurance of at least $4,000,000 for the event. The insurance company may require that event organizers hire an experienced archery instructor to make certain that people taking part in the event are doing so in a safe manner.
After booking the archery range you will be responsible for putting up signs prior to the event to let local archers know that the range would be closed on that day, otherwise there will be archers there wanting to use the range and they will be upset that it is closed without warning.
You may need to rent portable washrooms for your event. The nearest bathrooms within E. T. Seton Park are otherwise a 6 minute walk away and they are only open seasonally.
You will be responsible for all trash pick up when your event is finished. Failure to pick up trash after any large event can result in a fine for littering to the person or persons who organized the event.
This information may be out of date, so please contact Toronto City Hall to get the up-to-date info regarding the cost and the amount of liability insurance needed. Please direct any questions you might have to Toronto City Hall.


#1. Toronto also has a lot of Archery Tag locations, which are indoors, and have their own liability insurance. It is significantly easier (and cheaper) to simply rent an Archery Tag location for the desired time period.
#2. If your event is not that big, you don't actually need to book the entire archery range for a private event. You can simply show up and share the space with other archers who use the range. Eg. The Toronto Zombie Survivalist group used to have annual meetings at the archery range and at the time they had over 50 members. They didn't book the space. They simply shared the space with local archers.


For the vast majority of events (birthday parties, Zombie Survivalist Meetings, etc) you don't need to book the archery range. You just show up and use it. The only times someone would ever really need to book a large private event is if they were organizing a large scale archery competition, an archery themed wedding with lots of guests (and you don't want random people wedding crashing), or a similar large scale event (possibly corporate) where you don't want other people making use of the space during that time period.

All people using the range must follow all safety bylaws at all times. Anyone caught disobeying the bylaws are subject to a $4,000 fine plus possible criminal charges for reckless endangerment with a firearm. Please read and follow all safety bylaws.

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